Religious Liberty Studies

The separation between church and state is under rapidly increasing attack in the United States as this once great nation catapults into national apostasy that will soon lead to the federation of church and state in a replication of the church-state rule imposed during the dark ages. As the two horn beast speaks like a dragon and returns to despotism, the end result will be national ruin. This is a vital topic for all students of present truth to be fully aware of, yet remarkably, most believers are completely blinded that we have done the very things inspiration has warned against by forming a confederacy with the state by incorporating our religious associations with the state. Below is a list of research articles, as downloadable PDF documents, from various authors that outlines the dangers that church incorporation imposes on our First Amendment rights of free exercise of religion without government interference.  These are a must read for all the wise who want to be wide awake and fully aroused to the dangers that are soon about to be hurled upon us at unprecedented velocity. Get ready, time is short.

“501c3 Religion” by Peter Kershaw, Heal Our Land Ministries.

“Money and Theology: IRS and Redefining the SDA Ministry” by Bert Haloviak: A must read to fully understand why the S. D. A. church is being forced into redefining the ministry so that women can be ordained and made equal with men thanks to IRS dictates!

“Truth Regarding 501(c)3 Corporations” by Richard J. Humpal, J. D., an S. D. A. lawyer.

“35 Things An IRS Church Cannot Do” summary by Texe Marrs.

“Why Churches Should Not Incorporate” by Gary North, Institute for Christian Economics, Position Paper No. 1 (July, 1984).

“The Transformation of the Church (From Reality to Fiction)” by Dr. Kenneth Gary Talbot, Professor of Apologetics and Christian Advocacy, Whitfield Theological Seminary.

“Reforming the State Church: Solutions for the Church Inc./501c3 Problem” by Peter Kershaw